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FC Emmen

The Naoberschap United Foundation was established by FC Emmen in 2018.  Through the foundation, local businesses can use the network and fame of FC Emmen for their own corporate social responsibility (CSR). It offers a unity for companies who want to contribute to the community regularly, instead of only every once in a while, and it gives businesses and entrepreneurs the opportunity to work together for the community, instead of alone.

FC Emmen wants to be more than just a football club and firmly believes that each of us can make a difference but together we can make a change.   The plan for Naoberschap United is to utilise the special position that the Club has in the local community to create opportunities of the local, professional football organisation and the impact of football can have in raising awareness of CSR-projects. Projects that help others and bring a smile to someone’s face. Which offer a shoulder to cry on. Projects that show you care. Or projects that help people get a job. Anything the locals will greatly appreciate because this is part of the clubs culture.