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Welcome to the Scoring for Health programme! My name is Veggie and I am working for the European Football for Development Network (EFDN ). You probably know me already from your Scoring for Health lessons in school.

It’s me, Veggie!

I am here to help you discovering this website. We will have a lot of fun and learn a lot together. I will show you around…

  • How about doing a quiz? It’s time to test your knowledge. Click here to see how many points you can earn.
  • Don’t worry if you can’t score the full amount of points. Have a look at our disc of five and our guide on how you can become a professional athlete. Eating, drinking and sleeping well and healthy is very important, especially if you want to become a professional athlete. Check out our recipes here.
  • You can see what other kids did during their Scoring for Health lessons while scrolling through the gallery.
  • Do you our your parents use social media? Follow us for more tips and photos on Instagram.

About the programme

You are not familiar with the programme yet? No problem! The Scoring for Health programme starts and finishes with a sporting event at your club’s stadium or youth academy. You will be given exciting classes, learning sessions, and weekly workshops. There, you will learn many things about food, cooking, physical activity, and you will also play football and do sports. If you are lucky, some of your club’s football players may join your classes!

Some measurements like your height, speed, or balance will be measured, so you can also see if the programme helps you become faster or more healthy. But the most important thing for you is to learn how the changes make you feel. Because maybe you will want to keep going for walks, doing sports with your friends, and eating healthy food with your family and friends!

The goals of the programme are:
  • To teach you how to live healthily. Maybe your family also wants to join and support you and learn more about food and exercise.
  • To give you the opportunity to see how fun and healthy sport and exercise can be.
  • To get you to be a little bit more active- find your favourite physical activity, discover if you like to do sports on your own or with family and friends. Do you like to do activities inside or outside?
  • To show you how to eat healthier food and what exactly healthy food and drinks are.
  • To improve your physical fitness so you can be faster than your parents, stronger than your older siblings and know fun games to play with your friends. Are you ready?
Let’s start!
  • Take the Quizzes to test how much you know about living healthily, balanced diets, and physical activity. If you aren’t happy with your scores, you can always get more information and take it again- nobody’s perfect but studying a bit will help a lot.
  • Explore choices for a healthy diet through the Disc of Five.
  • You can think of food combinations from different groups that you learned about through the Disc of Five. Which ones do you like? Do you have cookbooks at home that you can look at with your parents or search for recipes online? We have also collected some Recipes for you!
  • Look at the Photos of the Scoring for Health Programme and find out what this programme looks like in different countries or schools.

In the video below, you can see children in Ukraine and what their Scoring for Health experience looked like: