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Meet Veggie – The Scoring for Health mascot

Hi! I am the mascot for Scoring for Health and EFDN asked me to present myself. Read my answers on some questions below:

Your name?


Where are you from?

The garden.

What are your favourite sports?
I love to juggle and meet with my friends!

Football, running, swimming, cycling and juggling.

Your favourite drink?

Water. Cool and fresh.

Your favourite football club?

I like to watch a lot of European football teams. I know many players from our programme so I cannot choose a favourite team.

Your favourite colours?

Green, white and orange.

What was your dream job when you were younger?

I wanted to become a fitness instructor or personal trainer. As a every young kid, I dreamed also of becoming a professional athlete. I loved to score goals for my football team. Vegginaldo – that’s how they called me back in the times.

Your favourite Scoring for Health lesson?

Awarding of the final certificates by the players, of course!

How does a perfect day look like for you?

After a long and relaxing sleep, I get up and prepare a healthy breakfast. I usually meet friends at school for lunch and do sports with them in the afternoon. In the evening, I prepare a warm dinner and go to bed early after watching football.


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