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Montrose FC

Montrose Football Club, founded in 1879, is a small club with a big heart. The club, aware of it’s responsibilities towards the lives and in particular the wellbeing of those in its locality, supported the development of the Links Park Community Trust in 2011.

Links Park Community Trust (LPCT), a registered charity, aims to utilise the power and widespread of sport, but in particular football, to inspire change, through an extensive range of sporting, healthy and educational programmes.

LPCT work with a range of partners in the identification of local need, such as health inequalities, and develop and deliver programmes that are designed to address such, with examples being our ‘Football Memories’ reminiscence project for those living with dementia, our ‘Walk & Talk’ initiative for socially isolated older adults and our ‘Walking Football’ programme for those with mental health disorders.

Our award-winning educational programmes aims to improve attainment and achievement in the areas of health, numeracy, literacy and science by using football as the context and challenging participants to take on key roles at the stadium, such as the ‘new signing’ or the ‘reporter’ in a mock press conference amongst others.