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Shakhtar Social implements Scoring for Health in Mariupol

22 March 21

Take Care of Your Health! Following this advise, students at six schools in Mariupol had educational breakfasts as lessons on proper nutrition as part of the Scoring for Health project on 10 March.

More than 200 children received environmentally friendly lunch boxes containing healthy food- whole-grain toast, lactose-free cheese, yoghurt, juice, an apple and berry pastries. They also learned about the importance of a healthy diet based on the methodology of the European project. The Scoring for Health project is being implemented by Shakhtar Social with the support of EFDN, UEFA Foundation for Childen and M·Sport

The Scoring for Health programme encourages children from the ages of 7 to 13, and their parents, to adopt a healthy lifestyle and make them aware of the value of eating healthily and being active.   One of the drivers behind the programme is the recent work by the World Health Organisation, which finds that obesity in children remains an important public health problem in Europe.  Childhood obesity is a multifactorial disease associated with a wide range of serious health and social consequences including a higher risk of premature death and disability in adulthood.