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Club Brugge Foundation provides healthy breakfast

11 October 22

36 classes from 12 schools in the Bruges region have entered the ‘Scoring for Health’ Foundation project this school year. The Club Brugge Foundation team visited all participating classes last week to offer a healthy and varied breakfast.

On Wednesday 5 October, the Club Brugge Foundation team brought a healthy breakfast to the participating classes of Scoring for Health. Two of the 15 lessons in this health program are about healthy breakfasts.

Converting theory into practice

First, the children learn what a healthy breakfast is through the manual and in the lesson afterwards they put this into practice by eating a healthy breakfast together in the classroom. You can enjoy fresh brown bread, cheese shells, yogurt, granola, semi-skimmed milk and much more.

Learning to make healthy choices

“In this way, the children not only learn what healthy food is in theory, but experience it in practice through the healthy breakfast in the classroom and are able to remember it better. They also learn to eat other things, discover new flavors and hopefully keep these. make healthy choices in the future too.”

Barbara, project leader Club Brugge Foundation.

“The students loved it! They enjoyed the healthy delicacies, especially the Greek yogurt was a hit. You could see the children enjoying the social gathering . Great initiative!”

Participating teacher

European Project

The “Scoring for Health” project is part of a European project “Scoring for Health”, a project in which several European football clubs participate, organized by EFDN (European Football for Development Network). This network consists of more than 70 professional European football clubs, each with their own community function. The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Commission.