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Get involved as a parent

Scoring for Health is a methodology that is being delivered to young school going children through a programme specific workbook and teacher’s manual. Each football club that signs up to the programme will receive a workbook and teacher’s manual with their club logo on it, and can request to have it in their respective language. These educational materials can then be printed and passed on to children and teachers. The workbook is created in order to regroup all possible information related to these topics:

  • Health information
  • Nutritional information
  • Physical education

Your role is to support your child in this period to follow the guidelines of the workbook as much as possible. Thanks to lessons from teachers, physical activities from football club educators and your support, your children could see improvements to their mental and physical health. Your responsibility is to ensure that your child doesn’t give up on the programme. Encourage your child not to:

  • Quit the programme
  • Stop following the healthy guidelines
  • Stop practicing their sport

For any help, we invite you to contact the teacher or the project manager of your child’s school.

Contact us via scoringforhealth@efdn.org.